Updates, 2018 so far and plans for the future

I owe regular visitors to this site a big apology! Having spent so much time communicating with you all via social media and promoting my classes and workshops online I appear to have neglected this website entirely! No wonder I was receiving phone calls for all sorts of classes that I no longer run. I’m happy to say, I have recovered my password and as a result of a poorly daughter at home, I’ve knuckled down to update this website AT LONG LAST! Having said all of that, I have completely forgotten how to add pictures to my posts. So if anyone knows how…?

To the nitty gritty…

I have updated my classes page …all with current information including upcoming park yoga which returns in June (when we should have some sun and heat. One can hope!)

Workshops and Retreats have been updated to include our Cotswolds residential retreat in September 2018. Get your enquiries in early as rooms have already sold.

Over the last few months my workshops have really expanded due to popular demand. They now include Restorative, Yin, Daily Practice and more…..

I’m looking at possibly reintroducing Pregnancy Yoga from September 2018, but really need at least 10 ladies interested to make this viable.

Those who practice with me regularly know that both my own practice and teachings have veered very strongly towards ‘Therapeutic Yoga’ …encompassing aspects of Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Somatics and Connective Tissue release. I want to continue to develop my knowledge in order to provide the best care I can for those who need it most…hence my term ‘Therapeutic Yoga’. My intention is that I provide knowledgable teaching to all…and that your practice of yoga should be safe, beneficial, easily replicable at home and above all ENJOYABLE and possibly transformative. After all, to be able to move freely, breathe with ease and apply your yoga to the stresses of daily life is what it is all about.

I continue to attend workshops (most recently Norman Blair’s yin workshop. Do check him out, at least have a look at his amazing book ‘Brightening Our Inner Skies” )  and am some way through Bo Forbes’ ‘Yoga, Mindfulness and Neuroscience’ course. Keeping up to date with all of the research and science in support of my teachings is super important to me.

I’ll leave it at that for now, so sorry this post is pictureless but I’m glad to have filled you in on current news! Check out any of the relevant pages and do contact me if you’d like to join a class, workshop or retreat.






Restorative Yoga Workshop 17th March 2018 2-5pm

restorative helen

Find some peace and stillness in this wonderfully relaxing Restorative Yoga workshop.  Perfect for those with chronic conditions, injuries, exhaustion or anyone in need of a complete rest!

The three hours will fly by…you’ll experience passive stretching postures using bolsters and cushions to enhance your comfort. Plus there’s breathing techniques and meditations to take you through day-to-day life to increase your daily energy levels and focus.

My most popular workshop to date and always books up really quickly.

Pre-booking essential as spaces are limited.

Costs: £25

Location: St Barbara’s Church Hall, 22 Rochester Road, Earlsdon, Coventry CV5 6AG


Other dates for Restoratve Yoga are

21st April, 19th May, 16th June, 21st July


yoga retreat 29th September – 1st October 2017

We had a beautiful first yoga retreat at the lovely Holycombe just outside Shipston-on-Stour (pictured below) way back in October 2015

Hannah and I had such an amazing time providing yoga, massages and scrumptious healthy food and juices that we couldn’t  wait to do it again. We’ve returned a further 3 times and each one has been a joy.


There are more details on the ‘workshops and retreats’ page in the meantime take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what we got up to!

New season Restorative Yoga NEW DATES A/W 2015/2016


I’ve just returned from the most inspiring training taster day at The Minded Institute in London. Yoga Therapy is their speciality, working with the very best scientists who research the impact of yoga asana, breathing and meditation on mental health ….and chronic health conditions. I’m not a fan of the airy fairy and never want to impart information that may just be theory. I’m a massive nerd when it comes to linking the science behind the benefits and reasons WHY we do certain things in yoga.

It is very likely that you’re reading this now feeling overwhelmed by modern life. There’s always too much to do and never enough time and we work at our lives at such a fast pace that we are hard wired to be ‘switched on’ at all times. Our breath is shallow and we suffer back, neck and shoulder pain. We can help ourselves by practicing Restorative Yoga. I can teach you a really simple breathing technique that cardiologists agree can increase heartbeat variability (vital for far more than heart health) and reduce inflammation in the body…inflammation being a precursor to all the major diseases. Along with this you will lie in the most relaxing and opening postures, supported by bolsters, blocks and cushions.

If that sounds good to you then I have 3 great opportunities to experience Restorative Yoga

I have weekly classes, an afternoon workshop and a retreat all coming up.

Mondays 7-8pm Restorative Yoga class 

Serene Mind and Body , 93 Spon End, CV1 3HF

£24 for block of 4 consecutive classes (there may be space for a one off drop in, £6)

Saturday 14th November 2-5pm Restorative Yoga Workshop

also at Serene


8 spaces available

Friday-Sunday 5-7 February 2016 Yoga and Relaxation Retreat

Holycombe, Shipston-on-Stour

Pricing and more details to follow. Spaces strictly limited. Register your interest now

See workshops and retreats page for more details. 

May Half Term Holiday Fun!

I have now booked 3 yoga workshops for kids to be held on Thursday 28th May. All classes are to be held at St Barbara’s Church Hall, Rochester Road, Earlsdon CV5 6AG

1-1.45pm 2-5 year olds + parent £5 (siblings extra £1 each)

2-2.50pm 6-10 year olds £5 each

3-4pm 11-16 year olds £5 each

pre-booking essential as spaces are limited!

Contact me now


Kids Yoga classes and workshops

brighter cert

I have a lovely new certificate!

I had such an AMAZING time at my recent Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. This blog post is to let you all know how incredible yoga can be for kids…so much fun and creativity, much more than I ever thought was possible before I took the training. It has unlocked something within me that I have been incorporating into ALL my classes, for grown ups too. The human connection to others and for yourself can have profound effects…anyway, enough of me talking. I want to show you some pictures and videos and you’ll get more of an idea about what I’m talking about.

First up is this lovely video, which I think really captures the spirit of our training and will give you an idea of what kids and family yoga will feel like


Here’s me flying on my new friend Yasmin …so much easier than you’d think!

me flying!

The training certainly took me out of my comfort zone…


Respect for yourself and others, developing self awareness, management of emotions and finding a way to deal with the pressures of modern life are all things that young children should be learning in schools and during after school play.

As an introduction to kids and family yoga I’m hoping to book a venue in Coventry on Thursday May 28th to teach kids 2-18 plus their families, should they wish to join in! It is during the May school holidays. In order for me to schedule the classes by age group, could you please register your interest by telling me the age of your children and where you live and I can book a venue and sessions accordingly. I would then hope to run after school classes at 4pm for kids from 5-18 (split into 3 age groups 5-8, 9-13, 14-18) with classes for toddlers/pre-schoolers happening on a weekday morning.

rainbow kids yoga logo

If you would like to see more about Rainbow Kids Yoga take a look at their website below


Start them early….Yoga for children.



“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation” Dalai Lama

Yoga is a moving meditation, and what better way to teach children the values of meditation through the fun and vitality of a yoga practice? Having thought about it for a while and having many many enquiries, I am finally completing my Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Rainbow Kids Yoga in London in April. I attended a workshop with the group leader Cayetana a couple of years ago and within just one half an hour session I was massively inspired….we had travelled to Mexico, flew on a plane, swam in the sea, and created a human domino set….all working together in harmony.

I cannot wait to bring yoga to the children of Coventry. I will be teaching children within age groups from 18 months – 18 years. Some of these sessions will involve parents/families and some will be with the kids alone. I play yoga games with my own daughter Mae (4 years old) at home, and as parents you will know that your child will probably do yoga without even realising it! Mae can be bought to calm and quiet simply by sitting still and quiet like a frog and is quite receptive to the quieter aspects of the practice…quite remarkable for a natural livewire (and providing some lovely peace and quiet for you!).

My yoga training will include teaching yoga to children with special educational needs and will provide parents a much needed respite or tools to help their children cope with the demands of life. I fully believe that yoga for children should be in every school and part of the curriculum! Our emotional and physical wellbeing as children affect our ability to learn, enable us to make decisions for ourselves, care for ourselves and others and to have an interest in the wider society and environment.

Classes for preschool age will involve a family member and for school age the classes will be for children only. I will arrange the sessions into age groupings to make the classes age appropriate and to make the kids feel comfortable. Sessions are likely to last 45 minutes long and will start in the May school holidays. There will be absolutely no need for experience! My classes aim to be accessible for all!


Photographs by Nina Freeman Photography

Restorative Yoga Workshop

I’m conducting my 1st 100% Restorative Yoga Workshop on Saturday 17th January. I’m promising breathing techniques, meditations and restorative yoga postures to see you through the stresses of life. The workshop is fully booked for this month, but I’m planning the same workshop for March. If you would be interested, please let me know as I’ve filled half the spaces already! (class limited to 8). There’s no need to be fit, flexible or have a fancy yoga wardrobe…all are welcome and you are sure to feel AMAZING afterwards. As one of my students recently said “better than a massage”

Workshop will be held at Serene Mind and Body, 93 Spon End, Coventry CV1 3HF and will cost £25 for a 3-hour Saturday afternoon session. Date and time TBC.

Until then, add these postures below for daily relief from stress and aches and pains.

http://greatist.com/fitness/restorative-yoga-infographic” target=”_blank”>

Get health and fitness tips at Greatist.com


Happy New Year Yoga!




I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are ready to get back into your yoga routine, or perhaps you’d like to try out yoga, having never done it before?! Either way there are lots of options for you in my new timetable.

Saturday (returns 3 January)

Yoga , all levels. Energetic flowing style, 10-11am at Artspace, 16 Lower Holyhead Road, off Spon St, CV1 3AU

£6 drop in

Saturday (returns 3 January)

Pregnancy Yoga, for ladies from 14 weeks, 11-12.30pm at Artspace

£10 drop in or £30 for 4 classes

Monday (returns 5 January) 

Restorative Yoga, for the tired and weary, 7-8pm at Serene Mind and Body, 93 Spon End, CV1 3HF

£24 for 4 consecutive classes, booking essential

Wednesday (returns 7 January)  

Pregnancy Yoga, for ladies from 14 weeks 6.30-7.25pm at Koco Community Centre, 15 The Arches Industrial Estate, CV1 3JQ

£35 for 5 classes or £8 drop in

Wednesday (returns 7 January)

Beginners Slow Flow Yoga, for complete beginners 7.30-8.30pm at Koco Community Centre

£6 drop in