I absolutely love my Wednesday yoga class with Helen. I had always wanted to try yoga but had never been able to find a class catering for absolute beginners. Helen’s class does just that. It is a lovely, intimate class and Helen has a very calming manner and relaxed teaching style. I always come out of class feeling amazing. Body well stretched, mind well rested. Helen is an excellent teacher and I have no hesitation in recommending her classes.

Nina, November 2013

I come away from Helen’s yoga class each week feeling energetic as well as calm. Helen always creates a friendly, relaxed and inspiring atmosphere, so that even complete beginners like me are immediately at ease.

Alex, November 2013

Helen’s classes are a great way to dip your toes into yoga. I am really enjoying it although it challenges my body a lot. However afterwards is good as I always feel more energetic and awake.

Marcie, November 2013

Helen’s classes are the perfect antidote to my busy week. I always come away feeling relaxed and thoroughly stretched. I feel great after the class and can feel myself progressing every week. I would definitely recommend Helen’s class and it is perfect for beginners.

Emma, December 2013

Helen is a wonderful teacher. She helps you to relax and tailors the sessions perfectly to your needs. Since having my one-to-one yoga lessons with Helen I have more energy , feel more positive and it has hugely helped with a back injury. Helen is a supportive, friendly and fun teacher and I look forward to my lessons every week.

Frankie, February 2014

Helen’s pregnancy yoga class was a lovely way to connect with your baby.  It is very relaxing so feels like a great way to get away from it all for a while. I was a yoga beginner so I felt a little nervous that I would find it difficult, but it is set at a good pace and I was able to take part with ease, even with a bump! I’ve learned a few things which I’ve been able to take home with me and I’ve particularly found the visualisations to be useful.

Stacy, March 2014

I had never done yoga before so when I heard how relaxing and beneficial Pregnancy Yoga could be for easing my aches and pains and to prepare me for the birthing experience, I decided to give it a try. Helen’s classes are utterly suitable for complete beginners, focusing on stretching and opening up the body, breathing techniques and gentle meditative exercises. I really look forward to Helen’s Pregnancy Yoga class and always come away feeling physically stronger, mentally calm and refreshed and spiritually connected to my growing baby.

Laura, April 2014

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I’ve been having a one to one session with Helen for a few weeks. I look forward to the hour spent stretching my body into positions that have proved to benefit me in many ways. Helen has a soothing manner and respects my limitations. I didn’t realise how shallow my breathing had become and during the session I’ve learnt to breathe deeply and relax. With Helens encouragement I have stretched my body into positions which I didn’t think I could do. Helen is very knowledgable on how each position benefits your body. After my hour with Helen I feel well stretched and relaxed and I always have a good nights sleep. I can thoroughly recommend Helen.

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