Pregnancy Yoga


Pregnancy is a very special time in your life…for you, those around you and your unborn baby! All will benefit from your self-nurturing and I believe (through personal experience) that pregnancy yoga can have the most powerful effect on your physical and emotional well-being and can even help to give you the positive birth experience we all wish for ourselves. Sometimes issues arise in pregnancy and birth that we cannot have any control over, once again pregnancy yoga can provide you with coping techniques to get through any difficult stages. I want to foster the idea that a positive pregnancy and birth experience is possible. We are so often fed negative messages of pregnancy and birth via anecdotal stories and media representations. A good birth story isn’t as much ‘fun’ as a grisly one! With increased knowledge and self-care you may go from ‘fearful’ to ‘joyful, welcoming & accepting’


Pregnancy yoga is an excellent exercise to provide you with physical ‘training’ for the birth of your baby. I’ll be teaching some great positions to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy, increase energy, effective birthing positions and breathing techniques to take you through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. I will also discuss and demonstrate how partners can help during birth, hints and tips on the logistics of birth (plans, location, medical help, environment) and provide guided meditations to empower the mum-to-be and give her all the emotional support she needs to enjoy this amazing time in her life.


No! The classes will entail some modified yoga moves but they are included to support and nurture you and in no way do you need any particular ‘skill’ or ‘experience’. I think you’ll be surprised at how varied and fun pregnancy yoga can be…not to mention hugely beneficial and essential for your pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey.


I have both personal experience and recognised professional training in both yoga and pregnancy yoga. I have 23 years of personal yoga experience which included 5 months of pregnancy yoga during my pregnancy in 2010. I completed my 200 hours teacher training in July 2013 and have been teaching classes and one-to-one sessions since qualification. I am trained in the whYoga Technique for pregnancy

pregnant legs up wall


My pregnancy yoga classes are currently on hold until I can guarantee a certain number for a Saturday monthly workshop. Once I have sufficient interest I can begin running them again. For now the options are my Tuesday and Wednesday slow flow classes.  See the classes page for details. Information about possible workshops will appear below…but I need a commitment of at least 10 ladies to run the longer 2 hour workshops

£20 pre book

to occur once a month in Earlsdon once I have enough interest. Hoping to commence September 2018

All sessions would be 1pm-3pm   

ONE TO ONE CLASSES (at my home or student’s chosen venue)

For those wanting one-to-one care I can offer private sessions. 1 hour £40 or 1 1/2 hours £55.00


To secure your place booking is highly recommended as spaces are limited. Contact me for details on how to pay and secure your place now!


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