Updates, 2018 so far and plans for the future

I owe regular visitors to this site a big apology! Having spent so much time communicating with you all via social media and promoting my classes and workshops online I appear to have neglected this website entirely! No wonder I was receiving phone calls for all sorts of classes that I no longer run. I’m happy to say, I have recovered my password and as a result of a poorly daughter at home, I’ve knuckled down to update this website AT LONG LAST! Having said all of that, I have completely forgotten how to add pictures to my posts. So if anyone knows how…?

To the nitty gritty…

I have updated my classes page …all with current information including upcoming park yoga which returns in June (when we should have some sun and heat. One can hope!)

Workshops and Retreats have been updated to include our Cotswolds residential retreat in September 2018. Get your enquiries in early as rooms have already sold.

Over the last few months my workshops have really expanded due to popular demand. They now include Restorative, Yin, Daily Practice and more…..

I’m looking at possibly reintroducing Pregnancy Yoga from September 2018, but really need at least 10 ladies interested to make this viable.

Those who practice with me regularly know that both my own practice and teachings have veered very strongly towards ‘Therapeutic Yoga’ …encompassing aspects of Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Somatics and Connective Tissue release. I want to continue to develop my knowledge in order to provide the best care I can for those who need it most…hence my term ‘Therapeutic Yoga’. My intention is that I provide knowledgable teaching to all…and that your practice of yoga should be safe, beneficial, easily replicable at home and above all ENJOYABLE and possibly transformative. After all, to be able to move freely, breathe with ease and apply your yoga to the stresses of daily life is what it is all about.

I continue to attend workshops (most recently Norman Blair’s yin workshop. Do check him out, at least have a look at his amazing book ‘Brightening Our Inner Skies” )  and am some way through Bo Forbes’ ‘Yoga, Mindfulness and Neuroscience’ course. Keeping up to date with all of the research and science in support of my teachings is super important to me.

I’ll leave it at that for now, so sorry this post is pictureless but I’m glad to have filled you in on current news! Check out any of the relevant pages and do contact me if you’d like to join a class, workshop or retreat.






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