New season Restorative Yoga NEW DATES A/W 2015/2016


I’ve just returned from the most inspiring training taster day at The Minded Institute in London. Yoga Therapy is their speciality, working with the very best scientists who research the impact of yoga asana, breathing and meditation on mental health ….and chronic health conditions. I’m not a fan of the airy fairy and never want to impart information that may just be theory. I’m a massive nerd when it comes to linking the science behind the benefits and reasons WHY we do certain things in yoga.

It is very likely that you’re reading this now feeling overwhelmed by modern life. There’s always too much to do and never enough time and we work at our lives at such a fast pace that we are hard wired to be ‘switched on’ at all times. Our breath is shallow and we suffer back, neck and shoulder pain. We can help ourselves by practicing Restorative Yoga. I can teach you a really simple breathing technique that cardiologists agree can increase heartbeat variability (vital for far more than heart health) and reduce inflammation in the body…inflammation being a precursor to all the major diseases. Along with this you will lie in the most relaxing and opening postures, supported by bolsters, blocks and cushions.

If that sounds good to you then I have 3 great opportunities to experience Restorative Yoga

I have weekly classes, an afternoon workshop and a retreat all coming up.

Mondays 7-8pm Restorative Yoga class 

Serene Mind and Body , 93 Spon End, CV1 3HF

£24 for block of 4 consecutive classes (there may be space for a one off drop in, £6)

Saturday 14th November 2-5pm Restorative Yoga Workshop

also at Serene


8 spaces available

Friday-Sunday 5-7 February 2016 Yoga and Relaxation Retreat

Holycombe, Shipston-on-Stour

Pricing and more details to follow. Spaces strictly limited. Register your interest now

See workshops and retreats page for more details. 

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