Postnatal Mum and Baby Yoga

Hello and welcome to September! Do you feel the need for a new healthy start to the school year but feel exhausted with a new baby and would love to chill out for an hour with other like minded mums? Check out this lovely testimonial from Suzanne who attended my classes from April 2014 and really enjoyed them. Look at Suzanne and Bronwen below…don’t they look relaxed?!


“I began baby yoga with Helen when my daughter was just eight weeks old. I was alerted to the class via the Balance yoga website, after enjoying a few pregnancy yoga classes in the run up to my baby’s birth. The baby yoga classes were just lovely. Helen is a kind, caring and considerate teacher, imparting bits of real mummy advice from her own experiences interspersed with excellent teaching. There is lots to do and learn to support your baby in their development and practical physical exercises to support you as a new mum both with lifting/carrying/standing sitting, pelvic floor, breathing, unwinding etc. The relaxation meditations were excellent especially the feeding meditation designed to support you in the early days of feeding your child and beyond. It is a lovely chance for some real one to one concentrated quality time with your baby, and a chance to start to build back your own physical strength. Helen clearly loves working with mums and babies and shows genuine interest in all the babies attending. Another lovely thing about the class is her kindness, taking the baby for a cuddle at an opportune moment to allow mums to partake in full relaxation/meditation . Highly recommend this unique class, for both mummies and babies alike, a true pleasure!”

Classes are held every Friday, £6 drop in. Come along and relax!

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