Baddha Konasana….the hip opener!


The name Baddha Konasana comes from the Sanskrit words ‘baddha’ meaning ‘bound or caught’ and ‘kona’ meaning ‘corner or angle’.

It has numerous benefits and can suit all of my students in various stage of life!

For everyone,

It helps to open hips and ease lower back pain and sciatica

Stimulates the heart and improves overall circulation

Can help to relieve mild depression, anxiety and fatigue, this is because we store lots of anxiety and stress in our physical body, many of these stresses show up in tight hips, and can be released the more we practice this pose

For Ladies,

It soothes menstrual discomfort and relieves the symptoms of the menopause

For chaps,

Men tend to have tighter hips than ladies (thank your inability to birth babies for that one!)

Athletic men tend to have this problem the most so regular stretching can help with flexibility in this area and help to strengthen lower back

In pregnancy

Possibly the best yoga pose to do in pregnancy (if you don’t suffer from SPD)

It helps to open the pelvis and hips and strenghtens the uterus and helps the ovaries to function properly

It improves digestion function which can become sluggish during pregnancy

In pregnancy you can practice this sitting on front edge of a cushion or thin block to raise the sitbones off the floor, which can help to keep the spine elevated

Like I say in the video clip, be careful of your knees and place cushions or blocks under the thighs for extra support. In all yoga poses never force the move and work slowly with breath practicing patience and self care. This pose can be held for as long as you feel comforatble but I would say for around 20 breaths to feel like you can really let go and relax. TOP TIP! Relax the face, jaw and keep the gaze soft. Any tension in the face will result in an inability to relax the hips, knees and lower back. Just chill out and enjoy it!






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