Yoga to sort you out!


Ever say to yourself…oh I need an overhaul, a life audit, a change, a challenge…I’m looking for something but I don’t know what?

Of course I’m going to say ‘try out yoga!’ But there’s so many reasons why you should. Our mental blocks create physical blocks and find ourselves in a viscous cycle of negativity that needs to be broken…..but HOW?  It takes one step. One class. See how you feel afterwards. A student never regrets going to a yoga class but you can regret NOT going.

If you like running, aerobics or something else and wonder why on earth yoga would be any different then listen up. I think of us like walking talking snow globes, with sediment (ick!) heavy at the bottom. Ok, let’s not say sediment (or snow) let’s say ENERGY. Your energy is settled in a pile, never to reach other parts of the snow globe unless you give it a good old shake. Now running and aerobics might begin to disturb this energy but yoga can help to distribute the energy throughout your ENTIRE body. In a standard yoga class you’ll be bending your spine in 6 different directions, you’ll be twisting and inverting and giving yourself a fantastic shake-up! For those who do run /cycle /aerobicise, yoga can massively help with your performance, but that’s a whole other blog post.

So that’s the physical stuff….what else? I could be here all day but I won’t…all I can say is that moving your body, opening yourself up and stretching yourself physically can have profound effects on your mind. Imagine you scrunched at your desk, hunched over a steering wheel ….I don’t know about you but I’m picturing a furrowed brow and a shallow breath coupled with your poor posture and you’re going to feel pretty tired and fed up.  My classes will often contain a secret message of positivity and strength, sometimes hidden in pretty origami lotus flowers to greet you as you wake from a delicious extended relaxed Savasana (corpse pose. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you)

If you’re in the Coventry area and fancy giving yourself an overhaul, why not try out one of my classes. Take a look at my Classes page for an up-to-date yoga timetable or even my testimonials to see how it works for others. If you’re shy (yes, me too) then maybe consider a one to one session to see if you like it. My students are a great welcoming bunch and there’s no pressure or competition …and I’m not a scary yoga teacher. Honest. I fall over too sometimes….


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