Yoga to sort you out!


Ever say to yourself…oh I need an overhaul, a life audit, a change, a challenge…I’m looking for something but I don’t know what?

Of course I’m going to say ‘try out yoga!’ But there’s so many reasons why you should. Our mental blocks create physical blocks and find ourselves in a viscous cycle of negativity that needs to be broken…..but HOW?  It takes one step. One class. See how you feel afterwards. A student never regrets going to a yoga class but you can regret NOT going.

If you like running, aerobics or something else and wonder why on earth yoga would be any different then listen up. I think of us like walking talking snow globes, with sediment (ick!) heavy at the bottom. Ok, let’s not say sediment (or snow) let’s say ENERGY. Your energy is settled in a pile, never to reach other parts of the snow globe unless you give it a good old shake. Now running and aerobics might begin to disturb this energy but yoga can help to distribute the energy throughout your ENTIRE body. In a standard yoga class you’ll be bending your spine in 6 different directions, you’ll be twisting and inverting and giving yourself a fantastic shake-up! For those who do run /cycle /aerobicise, yoga can massively help with your performance, but that’s a whole other blog post.

So that’s the physical stuff….what else? I could be here all day but I won’t…all I can say is that moving your body, opening yourself up and stretching yourself physically can have profound effects on your mind. Imagine you scrunched at your desk, hunched over a steering wheel ….I don’t know about you but I’m picturing a furrowed brow and a shallow breath coupled with your poor posture and you’re going to feel pretty tired and fed up.  My classes will often contain a secret message of positivity and strength, sometimes hidden in pretty origami lotus flowers to greet you as you wake from a delicious extended relaxed Savasana (corpse pose. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you)

If you’re in the Coventry area and fancy giving yourself an overhaul, why not try out one of my classes. Take a look at my Classes page for an up-to-date yoga timetable or even my testimonials to see how it works for others. If you’re shy (yes, me too) then maybe consider a one to one session to see if you like it. My students are a great welcoming bunch and there’s no pressure or competition …and I’m not a scary yoga teacher. Honest. I fall over too sometimes….


Postnatal Mum and Baby Yoga

So I’ve been teaching this lovely class for a few weeks and the mums and babies are loving it. Postnatal yoga can offer you the full and deep relaxation your body and mind craves whilst you’re on high alert 24/7 caring for a demanding little one! I can take your baby while you lie in restorative yoga positions and feel soothed by gentle meditations and breathing techniques. At other times we work on simple yoga that both you and your baby will really benefit from.

See how chilled out baby Forrest is?!


Check out these happy faces!



Want to join in? Classes are for mums and babies from 6 weeks to crawling every Friday morning 10-11 at Tesco Arena Community Room. Check out the Postnatal page for more in depth information.